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Commercial Laundry Services in Olympic Valley, CA

Commercial Laundry Services in Olympic Valley, CA Tahoe Linen Company Inc. is a family-owned business committed to delivering exceptional commercial laundry services in Olympic Valley, CA. With over five years of experience, we cater to homeowners, housekeepers, property managers, and lodging operators, understanding their unique laundry needs. Our service includes washing, drying, ironing, and folding tablecloths and napkins.

We handle every item carefully, ensuring linens are returned in perfect condition and ready for immediate use. Our focus on reliability and affordability provides a simple solution for maintaining your linens, helping to enhance the comfort and visual appeal of your properties. By entrusting us with your linen care, you free up time to focus on delivering outstanding service to your guests. We specialize in keeping your linens immaculate, supporting the success of your business.

Our Mission

To provide the best commercial laundry service in Olympic Valley, CA, ensuring consistent quality and reliability every time customers trust us.


Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading commercial laundry expert in Olympic Valley, CA, setting the highest standards in linen care and client satisfaction.

Commercial Laundry service

Innovative Approaches to Commercial Laundry Management

We innovate continuously to efficiently meet your needs, enhancing our laundry services by developing new methods.

Our innovative approach allows us to provide reliable and effective laundry services, keeping us ahead in Olympic Valley, CA.

Commercial Laundry Services in Olympic Valley, CA: Industry Expertise

We are a trusted, locally-owned business for commercial laundry services in Olympic Valley, CA. Our expertise allows us to handle large volumes of linens efficiently, ensuring each item, from tablecloths to napkins, is cleaned thoroughly and carefully. We use best practices and detergents that are effective and gentle on fabrics, ensuring longevity and freshness. Our knowledge of the industry’s needs enables us to offer solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations, making us a reliable partner in maintaining the quality and hygiene of their linens. At Tahoe Linen Company Inc., we are committed to being your first choice for all your linen needs, guaranteeing satisfaction with every service.
Commercial Laundry Services
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What We Offer

Commercial Laundry

Our commercial laundry services in Olympic Valley, CA, cater to large volumes of linens, ensuring every item is cleaned to the highest standards with advanced equipment and eco-friendly detergents.

Wash and Fold Laundry

We offer a comprehensive wash-and-fold laundry service, taking care of your linens from start to finish with care and attention and returning them ready for immediate use.

Sheet Pressing

Our sheet pressing service ensures your linens are clean and crisply pressed, presenting an impeccable appearance for your guests' utmost comfort and satisfaction.


We provide expert ironing services, focusing on removing wrinkles and giving your linens a polished, professional look that enhances your overall presentation and atmosphere.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our commercial laundry services include advanced stain removal techniques to ensure your linens return to you in pristine condition.

We handle most fabrics, but it’s best to check with us for specific materials that may require special care or are unsuitable for laundering.

Yes, our services include washing, ironing, and folding, ensuring your linens are ready to use immediately after delivery.

We provide specialized care for delicate items, using specific techniques and products to maintain their integrity and appearance.

Yes, we are equipped to handle large volumes of laundry, making us ideal for hotels, events, and other large-scale needs.

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Free Consultations

We offer free consultations to discuss your commercial laundry needs, providing bespoke advice and solutions to ensure your linens are cared for exactly as needed.

why choose us
Expert Stain Removal

Our advanced stain removal technology eliminates even the toughest stains, returning your linens spotless and extending their lifespan.

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We understand the importance of having neat and crisply ironed clothes for daily wear or special occasions. Our skilled team is committed to offering efficient service that saves you time and hassle.

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